Level Design


I have always had a passion for Level Design. The first maps I created were for Doom and Quake 1. I spent a lot of time making maps for Quake 3 Rocket Arena 3 and then moved from brush engines on to polygon engines where I learned Sandbox and the Crytek Engine, and later applied that to
Unity 3D



3D Studio Max



BTUgames Demo Level




spaceship hallway









This was a level designed for a game project I worked on for about a year remotely with BTUgames in New York.


This level was presented at the Nvidia Booth at Game Developer Conference 2005 in San Francisco.


I designed the entire snappable spaceship in 3D Studio Max and built detailed geometry to generate the normal maps and created the base textures mostly using Photoshop. The level was put together using Sandbox for the first CryEngine and I used Lua to program all the interactive features of the map.





GTK Radiant


The Rocket Arena 3 Map Projects
























The Rocket Arena 3 Map Projects (Ra3mapproject) were two projects that I founded and managed, which lead to the creation of two map packs with a total of 17 maps; each of these has a Clan arena suitable for 4v4-12v12 depending on the map size, and 3 other arenas suitable for 1v1-2v2.


The first pack was 10 maps by 10 authors. The second pack was 7 maps by 5 authors. Prior to actually releasing the second pack, 5/7 of its maps were recruited to be included in the official Rocket Arena 3 mod.


One of my maps was selected and is now Ra3map18. The screenshots above are from it and Ra3mp11 from the second map pack.


You can load these in Quake 3 Arena without installing the Rocket Arena 3 mod, but you'll have to use '/sv_pure 0' and '/noclip' so that you can float to the 4 different arenas in each map.


Download the projects here: